School Council

Livingstone Primary's School Council this year will be run under the guidance of Miss Troy.

Our councillors are elected at the start of the new academic year with children from Year 1 through to Year 6.


Who are we?

The children have elected their new School Council.  They are:

Year 1: Lucas and Lily

Year 2: Lilah and Alex

Year 3: Alfie and Isabelle

Year 4: Cassy and Elijah

Year 5: Refna and Elise

Year 6: Dylan and Alice


When do we meet?

Representatives meet every other Monday to discuss current issues affecting our school.


Aims of the School Council

The school council enables pupils’ voices to be heard, promotes active citizenship and is a link between pupils in classes and the school staff. 


What have we improved?

School council have worked together to try to improve wellbeing. They have helped to deliver an assembly and ensured that mindfulness is taking place in classes. 

We have had a voice in the review of the school's behaviour and anti-bullying policy.