Where possible, we try to link the computing curriculum to our topic work. So for example, this may mean that we conduct research on the internet about endangered species and then use powerpoint to create a presentation for the rest of our class. We might use Beebots (programmable robots) to give directions and instructions and tie this in with our map work in a geography topic.

We don't have an ICT suite but we have two banks of laptops which we use across the curriculum.  We also use these laptops to teach specific computing skills which might be linked to our topic work or might be stand alone lessons.

We have recently developed our work on coding and ensuring there is progression through Beebots, Scratch and Micro:bits. 

E-safety is a very important part of our computing lessons as we teach children how to ensure their own on-line safety and how to respond if they come across something that worries them. 

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