School Uniform

The Governing Body have decided to introduce a school uniform to the school.  It will be introduced gradually.  From September 2018, it will be compulsory for children in Reception and Year 1.  Children in other year groups have a choice whether to wear a uniform or whether to still wear their own clothes as they do now.  For Nursery children, it is not compulsory but it will save their clothes from being covered in paint, glue and mud! 

The uniform consists of:

Green sweatshirt / cardigan with embroidered logo (available from school)

Gold polo shirt

Grey trousers / skirt / pinafore

Grey socks or tights

Black school shoes

In the summer, girls may wear green checked 'school dresses'. 


The gold polo shirt and grey bottoms can be bought from any shop that stocks uniform - Tesco, Asda, Marks and Spencer, Debonair in Ashton and the School Wear shop in Greenfield as they are basic bits of uniform without logos.  They are quite cheap.  For example, two polo shirts are available from Tesco cost £2.50.  


We have decided to stock the sweatshirt and cardigan ourselves.  We will have a certain number in stock and you will be able to buy it from the office at cost price.  This will be £7.95 for a sweatshirt and £8.50 for a cardigan.  We will order at regular intervals to ensure that we have a stock of different sizes. 


Whilst children do have the choice whether or not to wear the uniform, we will be insisting, that if they wear school uniform, they wear it correctly.  So for example, they don’t wear school sweatshirt with jeans or wear school uniform with trainers.