Class 5: Space to Earth Challenge - Mission 4

Lesson: British Values

Class: Year 5 Year: 2015 - 2016

To commemorate Tim Peake completing the London Marathon on the ISS, Class 5 completed their own 'Mini Marathon'. We linked our challenge to our Maths topic of measurement conversions. We analysed both metric and imperial units and discovered that the London Marathon was 26 miles long which is approximately 41.6 kilometres.  The children measured the length and width of the running field using a trundle wheel and calculated each child would need to run 9 laps of the field to reach 1.6 kilometres (which is equivalent to 1 mile) to complete our own marathon.  The children worked brilliantly through their calculations and enjoyed seeing a practical use of their conversion skills.  Well done Class 5, we can add on another 41.6 kilometres to our total!