Children who attend the school Nursery in the mornings are also able to stay on for the afternoon.  This provision is available to children who are not eligible for the 30 hours Nursery provision as long as there are places available.  It costs £10 to stay until 3.15pm. 

The staffing is consistent from the Nursery with sessions sometimes being lead by our Nursery Teacher and sometimes by the teaching assistant in the Nursery.  This means that there is continuity for the children and that their learning from the mornings still continues into the afternoons.  Due to adult:child staffing ratios, we have 15 places available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 5 spaces on a Thursday and Friday. 

We encourage parents to book these spaces for a term and ask that payment is made upfront for each half term.  Places are non refundable due to absence.  Please see the attached sample parent contract. 

If we have spaces available, we will take occasional bookings for afternoons where parents need childcare.  However, please note that we can not guarantee that we have spaces available and parents are asked to check in advance. 


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