Ideas for Home Learning

In this time of uncertainty, we have collected together some ideas for home learning. 

We hope you find them useful.  

I have come across a lovely book which explains the Coronavirus in a child friendly way.  Unfortunately my internet connection is not allowing me to upload it to the website although I will keep trying.  You can get it yourself by visiting  and downloading it for free.  

The DfE have gathered lots of resources together on these pages. See the list below:

I keep finding more!  I will add them below as I find them!

The National OAK ACADEMY has lots of online lessons for children from Reception to Year 10.  They are around all sorts of subjects such as English and Maths but also Foundation subjects which include History, Geography, Science, Spanish, Music and Art.  Some are presentations and others have video clips of lessons with activities to be completed.  They look very good.


BBC Bitesize has relaunched and every day, 6 x 20 minute programmes, Bitesize Daily, will air on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button targeting children from 5 to 14, where teachers, experts and famous faces cover what that age group should be learning that day. Each programme will be available on BBC iPlayer as well as having its own regular slot on BBC Red Button aiding routine and daily structure.  From Bitesize Daily, parents and children will be directed online to BBC Bitesize for an age appropriate ‘daily drop’ of specially curated videos, quizzes, podcasts and worksheets to bring to life core curriculum subjects such as Maths, English and Science. As well as being offered suggestions on how to extend learning around the home.


If you fancy a good sing song,


Free Audio books are available from Early Years to Key Stage 2


Other useful sites include:

Internet safety advice:



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